Add a data source

Add your own data source to the AvDelphi network. We'll be happy to grant you contributor status on your AvDelphi membership and help drive traffic to your own site if you have one.


If you run a website displaying ADS-B data
We can read your data feed periodically and incorporate it into our data. You just need to tell us the external URL of your website and we'll do the rest. Show me how

If you already run an ADS-B receiver
If you have any of the following ADS-B receivers, you can add them to our network quickly and easily.

Click on your receiver type for instructions:
  • dump1090 for Linux systems such as Raspberry Pi
  • RTL1090 by
  • VirtualRadar Server

  • For the technically savvy
    We accept ADS-B data in Beast, Basestation, avr, or avrmlat format on
    TCP or UDP


    If you have an ACARS collector and would like to contribute your data, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the screen.