Model: KC-135A,KC-135R,C-135T,RC-135A,RC-135B,RC-135C,RC-135D,RC-135E,RC-135M,RC-135S,RC-135S,RC-135T,RC-135U,RC-135V,RC-135W,RC-135X,TC-135
Manufacturer: Boeing
Status: Active
Wingspan: 130 ft 10 in (39.88 m)
Max Take-off Weight: 322,500 lb (146,000 kg)
Range: 3,450 mi (5,550 km)
Ceiling: 50,000 ft (15,200 m)
ICAO Mass Group: 4
Approach Group: D
Wake Turbulence Group: H
Type code: L4J





Special missions aircraft. Special missions adaptions based on the C-135 airframe. Originally developed as EC-135 command post for the B-52 nuclear bomber fleet. RC-135U, RC-135V Rivet Joint and RC-135W signals intelligence variants with automatic ELINT emitter locator system. RC-135V and RC-135W with nose featuring further sensor. TC-135W crew trainig version. RC-135S Cobra Ball for balistic missile launch detection. The US Air Force is re-engining its RC-135s with CFM engines.

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