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No live track. Last observed 14 Jul 2016 12:07:50 CET, via ADSB:vr/266

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  1. First Flight

    28th January 1983

    First flight of this airframe

  2. Registered

    16th October 2007

    Registration date

BOEING 767-200

Type: B762
Model: B767-231
Manufacturer: Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Range: 6600
Wingspan: 47.6 m
Max Take-off Weight: 179170
Introduced: 8 September 1982

Airframe details

ICAO (hex) 400044
Delivery customer: Trans World Airlines
First flight: 28 Jan 1983 [34 yrs]
UNID: B762_S22567
Serial number: 22567
Line number: 30
Country: Cayman Islands
Owner: On-file
Operator: Mid East Jet
Use class: Civil
Indicative Status: Active
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