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  1. First Flight

    3rd October 1984

    First flight of this airframe

  2. Incident

    10th June 2016

    Sprint SF34 at Warsaw on Jun 10th 2016, electrical problem with essential bus  [Details]

  3. Incident

    13th June 2016

    Sprint SF34 near Warsaw on Jun 13th 2016, electrical problem with essential bus  [Details]


Type: SF34
Model: 340A
Manufacturer: SAAB
Range: 1732 km (935 nmi, 1076 mi)
Wingspan: 21.44 m (70 ft 4 in)
Max Take-off Weight: 13,155 kg (29,000 lb)
Cruise speed: 467 km/h (252 knots, 290 mph) at 7,620 m (25,000 ft) (range cruise)
Introduced: 1984

Airframe details

ICAO (hex) 90A5EE
First flight: 03 Oct 1984 [32 yrs]
UNID: SF34_S10
Serial number: 10
Country: Poland
Operator: Sprintair
Use class: Civil
Engines: 2 x CT75A2
Indicative Status: Active
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