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  1. First Flight

    18th July 1985

    First flight of this airframe

BAE 146-200

Type: B462
Model: Bae 146-200
Manufacturer: British Aerospace
Range: 1,808 mi (1,570 nmi, 2,909 km) (Standard fuel)
Wingspan: 86 ft 0 in (26.21 m)
Max Take-off Weight: 93,000 lb (42,184 kg)
Cruise speed: 498 mph (432 knots, 801 km/h) at 29,000 ft (8,840 m) (high speed cruise)

Airframe details

ICAO (hex) FAB103
First flight: 18 Jul 1985 [32 yrs]
UNID: B462_S2040
Serial number: 2040
Line number: 40
Constr. number: E2040
Country: Bolivia
Operator: TAM Bolivia
Use class: Civil
Engines: 4 x 31kN Honeywell ALF 502R-5 turbofans
Indicative Status: Inactive;Stored
3 > Stored medium-or long term or derelict



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