2017 Qatar diplomatic crisis  |  Conflict  

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Persian Gulf Region:
Several Gulf states have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and implemented overflight restrictions as well as cutting flights to and from Qatar. Be aware of additional restrictions and guidelines for all aviation in and around the general area, including surrounding countries and ground access.

Location  [Approximate]

  Latitude: 25.326045
  Longitude: 50.634198

NOTAMs [View the watch list]

[OTBD] G0085/15 NOTAMN
[OTHH] G0018/15 NOTAMN
[OTBD] G0136/17 NOTAMN
[OEJD] A0604/17 NOTAMR A0603/17
[OEJD] A0596/17 NOTAMN
[OEJD] A0593/17 NOTAMN
[OEJD] A0592/17 NOTAMN
[HECC] A0206/17 NOTAMR A0202/17
[OBBB] A0212/17 NOTAMR A0211/17
[OBBB] A0204/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] A0197/17 NOTAMN
[OIIX] A1865/17 NOTAMR A1863/17
[OMAE] A0848/17 NOTAMR A0812/17
[OBBB] A0219/17 NOTAMR A0212/17
[OBBB] A0222/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] A0208/17
[OMAE] A0812/17
[HECC] A0202/17
[OIIX] A1863/17
[OBBB] A0236/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] A0235/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0498/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0497/17 NOTAMN
[OIIX] A1994/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] A0240/17 NOTAMN
[OTBD] G0501/17 NOTAMN
[OTHH] G0502/17 NOTAMN
[OIIX] A2336/17 NOTAMR A1865/17
[OBBB] G0527/17 NOTAMN
[OIIX] A2330/17 NOTAMN
[OIIX] A2380/17 NOTAMR A2336/17
[OTBD] G0536/17 NOTAMR G0350/17
[HECC] A0262/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0555/17 NOTAMR G0510/17
[OBBB] G0553/17 NOTAMN
[OMAE] A1065/17 NOTAMN
[OIIX] A2467/17 NOTAMN
[OIIX] A2559/17 NOTAMR A2467/17
[OIIX] A2631/17 NOTAMR A2559/17
[OMAE] A1175/17 NOTAMR A1065/17
[OBBB] A0309/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] A0310/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0581/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0584/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0583/17 NOTAMR G0553/17
[OIIX] A2846/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] A0320/17 NOTAMN
[OIIX] A2862/17 NOTAMR A2846/17
[OBBB] G0593/17 NOTAMR G0584/17
[OBBB] A0327/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0609/17 NOTAMR G0555/17
[OBBB] G0648/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0662/17 NOTAMR G0661/17
[OBBB] G0672/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0709/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0734/17 NOTAMR G0662/17
[OMAE] A1752/17 NOTAMN
[OMAE] A1751/17 NOTAMR A1175/17
[OBBB] G0756/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] A0416/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0781/17 NOTAMR G0593/17
[OBBB] G0810/17 NOTAMR G0734/17
[OBBB] A0428/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] G0822/17 NOTAMN
[OBBB] A0434/17 NOTAMN

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