Conflict Zone Information Bulletin

ID: CZIB-2017-05R1
Issue date: 2017-10-04
Source: EASA




Airspace of Somalia

EASA CZIB No.: 2017-05R1

Conflict Zone Information Bulletin
CZIB No.: 2017-05R1
Issued: 04 October 2017

Airspace of Somalia

Revision / Cancellation:
This CZIB is revised to extend the validity.
The original issue of this CZIB replaced and cancelled EASA SIB 2015-23R1 dated 15 February 2016.

Affected Airspace:
Somalia airspace, below 24 000 feet (ft) above ground level (AGL).


This CZIB applies to operators.


This CZIB is issued on the basis of information available to EU Member States and EU institutions.
Due to the hazardous situation with the presence of terrorist organisations with confirmed
anti-aviation weaponry, possibly MANPADS (man-portable air-defence systems) and ongoing
military operations, it is assessed that the risk of operation and overflight below 24 000 ft AGL is


Operators should take this information and any other relevant information into account in their
own risk assessments, alongside any available guidance or directions from their national authority
as appropriate.

This CZIB is valid until 04 April 2018.


For further information contact the EASA Safety Information Section, Certification Directorate.

This is information only. Recommendations are not mandatory.

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