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ID: 2017-19
Issue date: 2017-11-27
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Pilot and Co-Pilot Seat Secondary Stop – Modification

EASA SIB No.: 2017-19

Safety Information Bulletin

SIB No.: 2017-19
Issued: 27 November 2017

Pilot and Co-Pilot Seat Secondary Stop – Modification

Ref. Publications:

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia Airworthiness Bulletin (AWB) 53-010 Issue 1,
dated 1 July 2016; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Advisory for Operators (SAFO)
10016, dated 26 August 2010; and Cessna Aircraft Company Single Engine Service Bulletin (SEB)
SEB07-5 Revision 6, dated 11 June 2015.


Textron Aviation (Cessna- and Reims-manufactured) single-engine aeroplanes, as identified in
section ‘Effectivity’ of Cessna SEB07-5 Revision 6, dated 11 June 2015.


CASA Australia published the referenced AWB to notify owners and operators of the affected
aeroplanes that a second seat stop might be installed as an additional device to prevent
uncommanded rearward movement of the pilot or co-pilot seat. The FAA published SAFO10016,
previously endorsed by EASA, that addresses the same in-service problem, although without
mentioning the Cessna service publication, which was originaly issued on 14 May 2007.

After reviewing the available information and recognising that Australia is not the ‘State of Design’
for the affected type designs, EASA concurs with the AWB’s recommendations.

This SIB is published to ensure that all owners and operators of the affected aeroplanes, registered
in EASA Member States, are aware of these recommendations.


EASA recommends the incorporation of the applicable Secondary Seat Stop Mod Kit as listed in,
and in accordance with the instructions of, Cessna SEB07-5 Revision 6.


For further information contact the EASA Safety Information Section, Certification Directorate.

For technical assistance, a copy of the referenced SB, or further information, contact Textron
Aviation Customer Service, P.O. Box 7706, Wichita, Kansas 67277, United States of America,
Telephone +1-316-517-5800, or go to

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