SelCal Tone Generator

AvDelphi registers the SelCal codes of many aircraft but does not display them to prevent any potential abuse. You can add the SelCal of an aircraft by using the Corrections form at the bottom of any Airframe page. Just find the aircraft, open the page and scroll all the way to the bottom and use click on 'Submit a correction'. Choose "SelCal Code" from the field list.

What is SelCal?

SelCal is a radio system standard that provides for a way to alert an aircraft's crew that a ground radio station wishes to communicate with the aircraft.

How to use this tool?

Enter a SelCal code into the 4 squares and click 'play' to hear the SelCal tones. Valid characters are ABCDEFGHJKLMPQRS.

Warning: the tones are loud - adjust your volume.

More information

  • ICAO_Selcal
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