The Boeing Company

Short name: The Boeing Company
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois U.S
Founded: July 15, 1916
Industry: Aerospace; Defense

Dealers certificate number: D001344
Expires: 2017-09-02

SubsiduaryBoeing Commercial Airplanes
SubsiduaryBoeing Defense, Space & Security
SubsiduaryBoeing Engineering, Operations & Technology
SubsiduaryBoeing Shared Services Group

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The Boeing Company is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, and satellites worldwide. It also provides leasing and product support services. Boeing is among the largest global aircraft manufacturers, is the second-largest defense contractor in the world based on 2013 revenue, and is the largest exporter in the United States by dollar value. SOURCE:WikiPedia


  1. Company Founded

    July 15th 1916

    Boeing was founded in Seattle by William Boeing, on July 15, 1916, as "Pacific Aero Products Co".

  2. Name changed to

    May 9 1917

    On May 9, 1917, the company became the "Boeing Airplane Company"

  3. 1919

    Boeing B-1 made its first flight.

  4. 24th May 1920

    The Boeing Model 8 made its first flight.

  5. 1925

    Boeing built its Model 40 mail plane for the U.S. government to use on airmail routes.

  6. July 1927

    The first airmail flight for Boeing Air Transport was on July 1, 1927.

  7. 27th July 1928

    The 12-passenger Boeing 80 biplane made its first flight.

  8. 1929

    The company changed its name to United Aircraft and Transport Corporation.

  9. 1930

    United Aircraft purchased National Air Transport.

  10. 1930

    The Monomail, a low-wing monoplane that carried mail, was built.

  11. 1933

    The Boeing 247 was introduced.

  12. 1934

    The Air Mail Act of 1934 prohibited airlines and manufacturers from being under the same corporate umbrella, so the company split into three smaller companies – Boeing Airplane Company, United Airlines, and United Aircraft Corporation, the precursor to United Technologies.

  13. Incorporated

    July 19 1934

    Boeing was incorporated in Delaware. The original Certificate of Incorporation was filed with the Secretary of State of Delaware on July 19, 1934.

  14. 1936

    Work began on Boeing Plant 2 to accommodate the production of larger modern aircraft.

  15. 1938

    Completed work on its Model 307 Stratoliner.

  16. June 1938

    The first flight of the Boeing 314 Clipper.

  17. 1960

    Vertol Aircraft Corporation was acquired by Boeing.

  18. December 1960

    Announced the model 727 jetliner.

  19. 1961

    Won a contract to manufacture the S-IC stage of the Saturn V rocket, manufactured at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  20. 21st May 1961

    Adopted the name The Boeing Company.

  21. 1967

    Introduced another short- and medium-range airliner, the twin-engine 737.

  22. 1968

    The roll-out ceremonies for the first 747–100 took place.

  23. 1970

    The first 747, a four-engine long-range airliner, flew its first commercial flight with Pan American World Airways.

  24. 1983

    Assembled its 1,000th 737.

  25. 17th July 1989

    The B-2 flew for the first time.

  26. April 1994

    Introduced the most modern commercial jet aircraft at the time, the twin-engine 777.

  27. 1995

    Chose to demolish the headquarters complex on East Marginal Way South.

  28. 1997

    Headquartered on East Marginal Way South, by King County Airport, in Seattle.

  29. August 1997

    Merged with McDonnell Douglas in a US$13 billion stock swap under the name The Boeing Company.

  30. 2000

    Chose to expand its presence in another aerospace field of satellite communications by purchasing Hughes Electronics.

  31. September 2001

    Moved its corporate headquarters from Seattle to Chicago.

  32. 10th October 2001

    Lost to its rival Lockheed Martin in the fierce competition for the multibillion-dollar Joint Strike Fighter contract.

  33. June 2003

    Lockheed Martin sued Boeing, alleging that the company had resorted to industrial espionage in 1998 to win the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) competition.

  34. July 2003

    Was penalized, with the Pentagon stripping seven launches away from the company and awarding them to Lockheed Martin.

  35. 2004

    Announced that the 717, the last civil aircraft to be designed by McDonnell Douglas, would cease production in 2006.

  36. March 2005

    The Boeing board forced President and CEO Harry Stonecipher to resign.

  37. May 2005

    Launched the 777 Freighter.

  38. 2nd August 2005

    Sold its Rocketdyne rocket engine division to Pratt & Whitney.

  39. November 2005

    Officially announced that it would produce a larger variant of the 747, the 747-8, in two versions, commencing with the Freighter version.

  40. May 2006

    Agreed to purchase Dallas, Texas-based Aviall, Inc. for $1.7 billion and retain $350 million in debt.

  41. 11th August 2006

    Agreed to form a joint-venture with the large Russian titanium producer, VSMPO-Avisma for the machining of titanium forgings.

  42. 18th August 2007

    NASA selected Boeing as the manufacturing contractor for the liquid-fueled upper stage of the Ares I rocket.

  43. 2010

    Completed its acquisition of Argon ST Inc.

  44. February 2011

    Received a contract for 179 KC-46 U.S. Air Force tankers at a value of $35 billion.

  45. 5th January 2012

    Announced plans to close its facilities in Wichita, Kansas.

  46. 13th May 2013

    Announced it would cut 1,500 IT jobs in Seattle, Washington.

  47. April 2014

    Announced their Long Beach manufacturing facility would shut down by the end of the year.

  48. March 2016

    Announced to cut 4,000 jobs from its commercial airplane division by mid-year.

  49. 13th May 2016

    Opened a $1 billion 27 acres (11 hectares) putting under one roof the equivalent of 25 football fields, factory in Washington state.


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